Muay Thai Vancouver

KB-ONE Martial Arts is your Muay Thai Vancouver Experts

Teaching Muay Thai since 1997

At KB-ONE Martial Arts Academy in North Vancouver part of Vancouver BC, Canada we have been teaching Muay Thai (kickboxing) for over 20 years. Muay Thai which comes from Thai fighting arts and Thai martial Arts Muay Boran is one of the most popular martial arts in the world whether you are looking for fitness, getting in shape, losing weight, or for self-defense.

Our program is a complete overall of all combat striking Arts. Here you will learn Muay Thai (kickboxing), Dutch-style kickboxing, boxing, Savate (French kickboxing), Muay Boran, Muay Chaiya, Krabi-Krabong (Thai weapons) and self-defense techniques. Here you will also learn all kicking, knee and elbow strikes plus Muay Boran grappling techniques.


3 Classes - $50